Beer Glasses

2019 Beer Glasses are forget-me-not-blue in colour with our 2019 logo

Bromley Beer Festival is operated and run by The Friends of Whitehall Recreation Ground group.
Sometimes we get asked:
Why do I have to pay for a glass?  or
Why can I not use my own glass?
As a non-profit making organisation, all the proceeds of the beer festival are put towards projects to enhance the Whitehall Park: adding facilities, play equipment and running other events (many free to attend) throughout the year.
The proceeds of the glasses directly goes towards paying the significant overheads we incur setting up the festival. For example, the stage, the marquee, beer racking and cooling equipment, licensing, security, toilets.. and so on.
A beer glass on grass

Doing Your Bit, Recycling

We do encourage all glasses to be taken home and re-used. We source our glasses from the most environmentally friendly supplier we have found. The glasses are perfect for re-using on a picnic, or to make and pour drinks in at home.
If you choose not to re-use your glass, please dispose of it in our recycling bins on site, and they will be properly recycled.
Why not collect one for each year you attend?


Please do not be offended if we insist that a 2019 Bromley Beer Festival glass is used to pour your drink. Our festival relies on the income from these glasses to pay towards the costs of the event.